Premium offer

We offer exclusive tours, which doesn’t make us a typical tour guide. Instead we organize once in a lifetime experiences. We don’t cut times short, we will take as much time as you need.


What is Bavarian Experience?

An event office which offers its customers to see the variety of places from the point of view of a Bavarian. with the device, "be a Bavarian for one day"

We want to show our guests the sides of Bavarian that we ourselves want to visit, to have fun, and to follow our traditions and customs.

We do not see ourselves as a typical city guide. We are much more than that. We are hosting a cultural tour through Bavarian with a lot of enthusiasm and great experiences. From the traditional Bavarian dress and the lederhos’n to the beer tasting and the way to culinary highlight! The all-inclusive package on Bavaria.

Our goal is to be able to represent with our traditional tours the city of Munich and the Bavarian culture both at home and abroad in the near future.

Who is behind Bavarian Experience?

My name is Adrian Auer and I'm from Penzberg, Germany, Bavaria. My family has lived in Southern Bavaria since the 14th century, wherefore tradition and customs always played an important role.

If you asked me 10 years ago what I wanted to do, I would have said to bring people / guests / customers closer to the Bavarian culture and to show them my point of view on things

I already gained 8 years of experience in the hotel industry in Munich As a trained hotel clerk and have therefore a very good sense in dealing with people.

Even my great-grandfather had its own restaurant; therefore hospitality was always a top priority in our family.

Since I can remember, it always made me happy to inspire people for different things. And how could we inspire people better than by showing them our beautiful home!

Name: Bavarian Experience
Address: Franz-Marc-Weg 28 82377 Penzberg